Saturday, November 24, 2012

Jewelry I currently love at Francesca's:

Diamond Art Deco Necklace $24

 I currently love these three pieces of jewelry, which are all from Francesca's.  Both of the necklaces are bib-styled which, in my opinion, is a very cute trend I'm expecting in the near future.  I'm hoping for it to be a 2013 spring trend! *fingers crossed* 

As for the earrings, I just love the intricate little design that's elegant and modern at the same time. One of the coolest things I feel about Francesca's is that all of their jewelry is very artistic and unique. It has to be my favorite store because I find the coolest dresses and skirts there, which I love to wear. Still, I'm not much of a jewelry girl, which I'm hoping to change this winter and early next year. Over time, my tastes have changed quite a bit, so I'm hoping to get a few of these pieces to bring forth more change :)
Linear Filigree Chandelier Earrings $24

Essential Blooms Statement Necklace $38

Product Review - Babylips

Baby Lips in Cherry Me. I love the name, but the product? Not so much. I mean, it's okay. It feels like a medicated lip balm on your lips when you put it on; a glossier, slicker version of chapstick. To me, it kind of feels like you smeared  vaseline over your lips in so many layers that you can actually feel the layers move when you move your lips. It's not like some lip balms, where you don't actually notice when it's there. Still, it does give my lips some nice body- as you can see in the picture, my lips look fuller than normal ( by the way, don't mind the picture. I had just woken up and don't have any makeup on except for this).

Keep in mind, however, this is in the shade "Cherry Me." Cherry. As in bright red cherry. My lips should look more red. I get this is a lip balm, but if the color looks like cherry, talks like cherry, and acts like cherry, it should probably be cherry. It doesn't look red on my lips at all; in fact, it looks barely darker than my natural lip color. To be honest, I like a lot of color on my lips. I was looking forward to this product because I thought it would give me a little bit of color and since it was a lip balm, I thought it would be even cooler. Unfortunately, this product was a bit of a let down. I like the softness it gives my lips after the slick feeling goes away, but I'm not pleased. If I had wanted a boring lip balm, I could've gotten something a lot better.

1.5 out of 5 stars

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Makeup Look I love: Orange Eyeshadow!

My current favorite makeup look that I've enjoyed is orange eyeshadow. Orange automatically makes blue eyes POP! Because it is a complimentary color to blue. It's the same as matching green eyes with lilac of purple, but it's just a less common look. I also think it looks good with brown eyes (green too, but brown in particular) because it adds lightness to the eyes like gold does, especially for dark brown eyes.

What to wear/do make-up wise:
I suggest a red/orangey lip with a dark brown eyeshadow in crease, a pale golden eyeshadow on the inner corner, and a mauve blush. That's the look I have used in the right. However, another good lip color I suggest is a pinky/orange lip gloss. It's a lighter, less dramatic version of what I've used.

Pretty much any color, but I would stray away from reds and pinks.

Tutorial of my look:

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Current Trend: Jewel-toned Pants & Cords

$99 Sofia Skinny Jeans at Lucky Brand Jeans  
Current Trend: Jewel-toned Pants

I love this trend, even though I don't usually where pants. Often, you find all types of colors of jeans around, but I've noticed most around right now are jewel-toned. There's been a lot of deep ruby reds or oxblood reds and dark greens and blues, all of which are super cute and can be paired really nicely with a lot of outfits.

$89.50 Skinny Jeans in Torch Red at Madewell

Place to find these:
Lucky Brand Jeans
Forever 21 (around $20, in many pant styles)
American Apparel (around $70, many shades)
Heartbreaker (around $30)

I think cords are really in style as well, which I love. I have two pairs of cords- one highlighter yellow and one a deep sapphire blue. Personally, I wear the sapphire ones more and I find them comfier than normal jeans or pants.

Monday, November 19, 2012

     Favorite Classic Fall Makeup:

Here are some of my favorite makeup products that I wear a lot of in the fall. Keep in mind that these work well with my skin tone, but might not as well with others.

Dark Red Lipstick- 918D or Cherry Bomb by Wet 'N Wild
Dark pink Lipstick- Gardenia by Nyx
Pale pink Lipstick- Christie by Nyx
Lipstains- Victorian and Gothic by Revlon Just Bitten

Black liquid liner- Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner
Brown liquid liner- La Splash in Merlot

Nyx Desert Rose
Elf Mellow Mauve

Naked and Naked 2 Palette
Nyx Runaway Collection Palette

Regular Eyeshadows-
L'oreal's Infallible Eyeshadow in Golden Emerald
Urban Decay – Last Call (all time favorite!!)
Nyx- Purple
Ulta Glitter Topcoat- Gold Digger

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Current trend 2012 winter: Metallics

I honestly like the metallics trend. Silver and gold metallics are super chic for winter and add a little edge to an outfit. Even if you only add little pieces of metallic to your look, it still adds a statement. I think it's even cooler if you add looks that are colored metallics, not just the normal silver and gold.

A couple of examples I've found:
Metallic Coated Denim Vest at Forever21
Days of Vine and Roses dress at Modcloth
Woven Metallic Scarf at Free People

Metallics are practically everywhere. I suggest buying staple pieces like a metallic bomber jacket or something that will last longer than a few months. A pair of skinny metallic jeans might sound cool now, but I don't expect this trend to last too long. Still, it's original and I'm certainly going to spend into it.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Shop I currently love: Madewell!

I actually love Madewell, even though I'm normally a skirt 'n dress kind of girl. Just bear in mind- Madewell does not have a lot of dresses or skirts that I saw in the store I went to. Still, they have a lot of great clothes for current winter 2012 trends. I found a couple of edgy pieces that I loved:

I bought this shirt because I love its style; it's very flattering on due to the cut of color near the waist and the sleeves end in a way that is very flattering for arms. I really loved how the shirt looks on me and will totally wear it a lot in the future. It's slightly see-through in the front so I'd wear a tank underneath or possibly wear it without one (but have on a nude bra) if I'm going on on Friday or Saturday night.

This sweater is really, really, really soft. I loved it on- it is not too baggy (like the really large sweater look going on), but slightly so that it's super comfy. Totally worth the buy.

Some other things I noticed and liked were the jewel-toned corduroys in red, blue, green, etc. I tried on the green and thought they were comfy and flattering, but I didn't buy them since I usually don't wear a lot of pants and just thought I wouldn't get enough use out of them to make it a worthwhile purchase. Madewell also had tons of plaid shirts that looked really nice for cold weather (brrrrr Minnesota) and a lot of long-sleeved jean blue shirts as well. All in all, a great collection!