Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Current Trend: Jewel-toned Pants & Cords

$99 Sofia Skinny Jeans at Lucky Brand Jeans  
Current Trend: Jewel-toned Pants

I love this trend, even though I don't usually where pants. Often, you find all types of colors of jeans around, but I've noticed most around right now are jewel-toned. There's been a lot of deep ruby reds or oxblood reds and dark greens and blues, all of which are super cute and can be paired really nicely with a lot of outfits.

$89.50 Skinny Jeans in Torch Red at Madewell

Place to find these:
Lucky Brand Jeans
Forever 21 (around $20, in many pant styles)
American Apparel (around $70, many shades)
Heartbreaker (around $30)

I think cords are really in style as well, which I love. I have two pairs of cords- one highlighter yellow and one a deep sapphire blue. Personally, I wear the sapphire ones more and I find them comfier than normal jeans or pants.

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  1. I really started to love the jewel tone trend but I wear mostly jewel tone shirts as they compliment my skin tone. Jewel tone jeans don't look right me, LOL i got to much junk in truck for that.