Friday, November 16, 2012

Shop I currently love: Madewell!

I actually love Madewell, even though I'm normally a skirt 'n dress kind of girl. Just bear in mind- Madewell does not have a lot of dresses or skirts that I saw in the store I went to. Still, they have a lot of great clothes for current winter 2012 trends. I found a couple of edgy pieces that I loved:

I bought this shirt because I love its style; it's very flattering on due to the cut of color near the waist and the sleeves end in a way that is very flattering for arms. I really loved how the shirt looks on me and will totally wear it a lot in the future. It's slightly see-through in the front so I'd wear a tank underneath or possibly wear it without one (but have on a nude bra) if I'm going on on Friday or Saturday night.

This sweater is really, really, really soft. I loved it on- it is not too baggy (like the really large sweater look going on), but slightly so that it's super comfy. Totally worth the buy.

Some other things I noticed and liked were the jewel-toned corduroys in red, blue, green, etc. I tried on the green and thought they were comfy and flattering, but I didn't buy them since I usually don't wear a lot of pants and just thought I wouldn't get enough use out of them to make it a worthwhile purchase. Madewell also had tons of plaid shirts that looked really nice for cold weather (brrrrr Minnesota) and a lot of long-sleeved jean blue shirts as well. All in all, a great collection!

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