Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Makeup Look I love: Orange Eyeshadow!

My current favorite makeup look that I've enjoyed is orange eyeshadow. Orange automatically makes blue eyes POP! Because it is a complimentary color to blue. It's the same as matching green eyes with lilac of purple, but it's just a less common look. I also think it looks good with brown eyes (green too, but brown in particular) because it adds lightness to the eyes like gold does, especially for dark brown eyes.

What to wear/do make-up wise:
I suggest a red/orangey lip with a dark brown eyeshadow in crease, a pale golden eyeshadow on the inner corner, and a mauve blush. That's the look I have used in the right. However, another good lip color I suggest is a pinky/orange lip gloss. It's a lighter, less dramatic version of what I've used.

Pretty much any color, but I would stray away from reds and pinks.

Tutorial of my look:


  1. love the colour of your lipstick :)

    1. thanks! it's nyx's lipstick in the shade fire :)
      also, love your blog! i followed :)