Saturday, November 24, 2012

Product Review - Babylips

Baby Lips in Cherry Me. I love the name, but the product? Not so much. I mean, it's okay. It feels like a medicated lip balm on your lips when you put it on; a glossier, slicker version of chapstick. To me, it kind of feels like you smeared  vaseline over your lips in so many layers that you can actually feel the layers move when you move your lips. It's not like some lip balms, where you don't actually notice when it's there. Still, it does give my lips some nice body- as you can see in the picture, my lips look fuller than normal ( by the way, don't mind the picture. I had just woken up and don't have any makeup on except for this).

Keep in mind, however, this is in the shade "Cherry Me." Cherry. As in bright red cherry. My lips should look more red. I get this is a lip balm, but if the color looks like cherry, talks like cherry, and acts like cherry, it should probably be cherry. It doesn't look red on my lips at all; in fact, it looks barely darker than my natural lip color. To be honest, I like a lot of color on my lips. I was looking forward to this product because I thought it would give me a little bit of color and since it was a lip balm, I thought it would be even cooler. Unfortunately, this product was a bit of a let down. I like the softness it gives my lips after the slick feeling goes away, but I'm not pleased. If I had wanted a boring lip balm, I could've gotten something a lot better.

1.5 out of 5 stars


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